Tuesday, 18 November 2008

LOCOG presentation to the Mayor economical with the actualité - and KPMG making it up as they go along

Andrew Gilligan writes - Evening Standard, 17 November 2008 Don't be fooled by this 2012 whitewash, Boris - of how the Mayor, Boris Johnson, has been misled into backing controversial plans to hold Olympic equestrian events in Greenwich Park, both by the KPMG report and by LOCOG and the course designer (presumably, this is still Sue Benson).

Read more here, KPMG’s Intellectually Suspect Olympic Site Review, 18 November 2008.

"... from the summary of the conclusions in that leaked email, the justification is so tortuous, the liberties taken with the truth so great, as to render this report one of the more intellectually suspect pieces of work I’ve seen (and I did read the Hutton Inquiry.) ... It shows the true case for Greenwich is so weak that they can only make it by making it up. If Locog expect this report to settle any arguments, they will, I fear, be disappointed."

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PLJAIKJ said...

Apparently the impact assessments won't be available till autumn next year, by which time it may be too late to change venues. In the meantime LOCOG base their case, or should I say spin, on the basis that there was no damage to the Hong Kong course. This is a spurious comparison: you can't compare a man-made golf course, specially laid with tough grass, to a fragile World Heritage Site.