Tuesday, 31 March 2009

1st April 2009 : Olympic Fools Day

"Don't play Games with Greenwich, Lord Coe"

This was the headline in the Evening Standard on 23 March 2009 for Andrew Gilligan's article that suggested that Seb Coe was in denial of the facts that made Greenwich Park an unsuitable choice. It's worth reading the whole piece on the link below but what is a must-read is the hilarious comment from a Martin Murphy of Greenhithe, drawing similarities with "The Emperor's New Clothes"

This article was in response to an interview given by Lord Coe in the Daily Telegraph of 17 March 2009 in which he tried to correct a few myths, as he described them.

First, he stated that viewing for equestrianism in the Olympics was low. WRONG - THEY SOLD MORE TICKETS FOR THESE EVENTS THAN AVERAGE IN SYDNEY AND ATHENS.

Secondly, he said that an inner city location would bring equestrianism to a new audience. HOW EXACTLY?

Thirdly, he appeared to insult existing venues in saying that they were not equipped to host three events simultaneously to Olympic standard. REALLY? WHY THEN CAN THEY NOT BE UPGRADED WITH TEMPORARY YET SUSTAINABLE FACILITIES, THEREBY LEAVING A LEGACY FOR THE SPORT.

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