Tuesday, 28 April 2009


NOGOE has received some comments from LOCOG to its reports. LOCOG’s deputy chairman said that NOGOE had got its facts wrong (but has ignored a subsequent request to say what facts were wrong). Its director of communications and public affairs subsequently said that, having read the reports in detail, she could assure NOGOE that it had not raised any issues or factors of which the organisers are not already aware, but did not say that anything was wrong with the information provided. What is LOCOG up to? You can read a proposal from NOGOE to Lord Coe at the end of its letter to him (link to follow).

NOGOE has also published its response to the "myths" alleged by Lord Coe in the Daily Telegraph in a recent article (17 March 2009) about the proposed events in the Park in which he said, "Olympic mythology is not just rooted in the ancient Games. The modern Olympic movement is also subject to myths."

The truth is that, by selecting the Park on the basis of a summary and wholly unresearched assessment, LOCOG and its predecessors bit off far more than it can chew. It should do the decent thing and implement the plan - a more suitable alternative to Greenwich Park for the 2012 equestrian events - that it must have prepared. JH

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