Thursday, 7 May 2009

I spy with my little eye - LOCOG in the Park, up to no good?

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Why were Tim Hadaway (LOCOG's Sport Competition Manager for equestrian events) and some young men in smart suits taking photos of the escarpment at One Tree Hill on Tuesday this week (5 May 2009)? Last year LOCOG gave an assurance to the local amenity societies that there would be no earth-moving works in the Park. NOGOE has asked LOCOG to renew that assurance, as local suspicions are again awakened that "reprofiling" of the escarpement is being planned as part of the cross-country route route.

What are the UNESCO World Heritage Site executive doing, to fulfill their duties to protect and preserve the integrity of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, this Baroque landscape?
From The Royal Parks web site page about Greenwich Park:
Of particular interest are the grassy slopes where the soil is less acidic and more nutrient-rich. A good place to visit is the path that runs diagonally up the south west side of One Tree Hill. Here you can see a mixture of tall grasses and wild flowers and the area is just buzzing with bees, butterflies, grasshoppers and other wildlife. There are also a number of plants of fiddle dock, an unusual plant in the London area
Does Tim Hadaway even know about the fiddle dock or care about biodiversity?

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