Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Olympic 2012 legacy - Greenwich Society - missed point error

In its latest newsletter (May 2009), Greenwich Society chairman Tim Barnes writes,
"there should be a real legacy aspect to Greenwich hosting the Olympic events in 2012. At the top of everyone's list is the redevelopment/regeneration of Cutty Sark Gardens ... There is also talk of pedestrianisation of College Approach ... improvements to the Blackheath Gate and to the area around the General Wolfe statue. So I do not accept the frequently heard refrain that Greenwich will be getting no permanent legacy from hosting the Games."

This is not a Section 106 agreement: just what - in the name of all that's wonderful - has Cutty Sark Gardens, pedestrianisation, etc got to do with sport? Nothing at all. The Olympic legacy is meant to be about leaving sporting facilities that were not there before, for use by the people of the host city.

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