Thursday, 21 May 2009

In the EU election campaign, the first casualty is the truth

This morning, there are Labour Party Canvassers at local railway stations handing out leaflets about the European elections. Nick Raynsford's photo is on the leaflets (as local MP). If you ask the canvassers about the Park closures for the Olympics, they swear that the Park will be closed only for three days in 2012. Three days - even LOCOG is not making that ludicrous claim.

For NuLabour, as ever, lying and misleading the public is all in a day's work. For NuLabour, the ends justifies the (lying) means.

Update: in the aftermath of the MPs' abuse of expenses scandal, Parliament faces a huge task of regaining the trust of the electorate. Local Labour Party activists still do not get it. In a democracy, it is not acceptable to say that the ends justify the means. This huge task of reinstating the reputation of the UK political system has to begin at the grassroots. No more lies.

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